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Meet The Face Behind Palmquist Planning

Hello and welcome to the blog portion of Palmquist Planning. With the launch of the website and the high of all of the feedback, I figured we'd kick off the blog portion of my event planning business with a little information on the face behind Palmquist Planning.

So, hello once again, I am Arden Palmquist! I am 23 years old and the one and only face behind Palmquist Planning. If you already know me, a lot of what I'm going to share you might already know. But if you're a new face around here, welcome! I hope we can work together to make your dream event a reality!!

This blog portion will come almost naturally to me as I have my own personal blog. Before I launched this, I ran my own brand called itsardenn. Which, I still plan on holding on to as I run Palmquist Planning!! I put a lot of hard work into my personal blog and have tried to keep up with it throughout the years. So, I'm not going to stop sharing personal blog posts. I've just been focusing on starting my own business along with putting my mental health first. Stay tuned for some fun things planned on there!

You're probably wondering, "why event planning in the midst of a pandemic?" Well, it is a bit crazy, I'll be the first to admit that. I've had experience in the past with orchestrating events and honestly the feeling of planning and putting on an event just hits differently. A lot of people find it as a chore and for me I find it to be exciting! I always knew I wanted to have my own business and I wanted to do something I was passionate about. It wasn't until I was putting together a secret Pinterest board for my best friends bridal shower that I wanted to start an event planning business.

So I started researching, planning, orchestrating, and here we are! I am so excited to be on this journey and helping future clients create their dream events. If you want to know more, my e-mail and social media outlets are always open.

Palmquist Planning is here to help with any event. From birthday parties to product launch parties to even wedding celebrations - I'm here to help! Every event is different which is why I hold consultation calls to get a better idea on what you want and we can go from there.

Like I said, I am super excited to be here and to be able to provide these services for YOU! ready to plan the perfect event? E-mail me at and we will work with you to make your dreams become a realty.



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